A Nation of Miracles!!!

Look at a map of the Middle East. Israel is so tiny it is almost impossible to find. Yet, while worldwide anti-Semitism and anti-Israel malice is at an all-time high, the nation of Israel’s contribution of scientific discoveries for the well-being of all the nations of the world is unprecedented. Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals, of whom at least 24% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population or 1 in every 500 people. But before considering the Divine overruled miracles of Israel, as remarkable as they are, the compassion of the State of Israel is incredible.
Israel is the only nation whose people were expelled, tortured and persecuted throughout millennia by all the nations who would say “Jew! You don’t belong here! Go away to your own land!” And now that the Jewish people have returned to their own historic land, many hypocritical nations say: “Leave that land! It belongs to the Palestinians. You are illegal occupants!” What is Israel’s reaction? —Kindness!   

Israel’s Kindness to Its Enemies

The Arab leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, routinely calls for Israel’s destruction. Yet, when his one-year-old granddaughter was in need of medical care, what did he do? He had her brought to Israel for treatment. Israel warmly greets its enemies needing medical help and treated the little girl with loving care.

Each year, hundreds of Arab children from Gaza turn to the Schneider Children’s Hospital in Israel, even while the Israeli hospital has been forced to reinforce its windows and build bomb shelters because of Arab missiles fired from Gaza. Israelis say, “Even while they strike us, we treat their sick.”

Also, Israel is still officially at war with Syria. Yet Israel has been quietly treating Syrians injured in Syria’s civil war. Syrian officials secretly transport those in need of immediate care. Israel treats Syria’s injured free of charge. An Israeli official said, “For us they are patients who need immediate help or they will die. It makes no difference whether they’re enemy combatants or civilians.”
How can Israel treat the cruelest of their enemies with such great kindness? The Israelis respond, “It’s part of our tradition and our value system based on our Torah (Bible).”

Israel—A Good Place to Raise a Family

Israel came in at fourth place out of 41 countries included in the 2015 InterNations Family Life Index. The United States came in at spot 25.
The Jewish Agency stated that 29,500 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2015 representing a 13% increase over the 26,000 who came in 2014.
Most of this year’s immigrants came from the former Soviet Union (some 14,100, compared to 10,800 last year) and Europe (more than 9,000, compared to 8,400 last year). Some 3,600 immigrants came to Israel from North America.   

On September 9, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the European Union to “cease pressuring and attacking Israel.” Why? “Israel is the only true defense that Europe has against the rising tide of radical Islam.”

“We are ready to act together with Europe in Africa and other places to fight extremist Islam, but this requires a change in attitude,” Netanyahu continued. “This change will take time…but we will put [it] into practice.”
Reality has forced Israel to build the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital, the largest of its kind in the world. The hospital is designed to convert within 72 hours from a 1,500-vehicle parking lot into a 2,000-bed acute emergency hospital fortified against conventional and non-conventional warfare.
The new structure is not only underground, but also below sea level. It can be 100% sealed-off and self-sufficient, able to generate its own power supply and to store enough breathable oxygen, drinking water, and medical-gas supplies for up to three full days, which is the length of current Arab-Israeli wars.
Israel knows a war with Hezbollah who rules Arab Lebanon is certain. A senior military source said “the Israeli army would seek to evacuate more than a million Arab civilians in south Lebanon within 24 hours before proceeding to strike thousands of Hezbollah targets in some 240 villages and built-up regions.” Yes, Israel is concerned about the death of Arabs, but Arabs are not concerned about the death of Jews.
Hezbollah would return large-scale rocket and missile fire. If necessary, Israeli civilians would be evacuated and Israeli wounded treated at the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital.

Israel Can End The World Water Crisis

“With a global water crisis looming, Israel is taking bold steps to help a water-starved world.” In his acclaimed book Let There be Water: Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World Siegel writes,  “More than 150 countries already have welcomed assistance from the Israeli government to solve their water problems.” Israel provides training in water management and irrigation to its hostile neighbors, the Palestinians and Jordanians, and to more than 100 developing countries, 29 of them in Africa.
Israel’s IDE Technologies is building a desalination plant in California that will be the largest in the Western hemisphere, providing 50 million gallons of water per day.
“California did what countries with water problems around the world have been doing for decades: It turned to Israel for partnership and help.”

Now for Israel’s most Significant Miracles
The Operating Room of the Future by
Kobi (Jackob) Vortman, PhD, President of InSightec

Vortmanobserved, “The way I see the future is the building of the next generation operating room, replacing traditional surgery by non-invasive outpatient procedure [not cutting the flesh].
InSightec was established in Jan. 1999. The company developed a breakthrough technology that in essence allows treating human beings without cutting into their body. There is no open wound.
We developed technological systems that allows the destruction of targets [infections] deep inside the body completely non-invasive….”

Baruch Avruch, VP of InSightec observed,  “The main part of the system is the transducer that transmits the ultrasound waves….[It] has thousands of elements in it, each one is electronically controlled by a complicated electronic system together with mechanics and software that supports it. Each one of those elements is transmitting the ultrasound waves focusing at the treatment point. This technology allows us to treat almost any tumor inside the body.” Without cutting flesh.
Vortman, observed, we started with uterine fibroids. It’s a huge problem about 25% of women will suffer from significant symptomatic effects. Today the seeming gold standard is hysterectomy. The patient goes through a hysterectomy, then she will be hospitalized for a couple of days (3-5), sent home to recover. It will take weeks to recover. “In ourtreatment, the next day the patient is back to her life, work and family.” What a dramatic change for women. “Turning to oncology [the science of tumors]. We selected a specific application which is metastatic bone tumor. It relieves the symptoms.”
The next one, which is in many ways the holy grail of this technology, is brain treatments. We are treating central nervous system diseases like Parkinson’s …. We’ve seen patients that for tens of years suffered from these diseases leaving the table immediately post treatment with no tremors.

We’ll definitely look as the next step at brain tumors, prostate cancer, liver tumors, breast cancer and so on.

Eventually we see it as a next generation operating room centralized service in the hospital.
“During my days at RAFAEL [Israeli Defense Technology Authority] we had a very tight collaboration with a couple of laboratories and researchers at the Technion, and as a combined team we worked on a couple of breakthrough programs in essence until now are playing a major role in the defense of Israel.
Baruch Avruch, VP of InSightec said that “The main challenge in developing this neo brain system was to be able to penetrate the skull the non-uniform skull and still get the focal point of the waves in the required spot in the brain. This was never done before. The idea of having everything MRI guided makes it very complicated involving so many disciplines and excellence in science and technology.”

Vortman, President of InSightec

In many ways the system is “Star Trek.” Remember, StarTrek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise. The notion that you could place someone on a table, look at him using MRI and then three hours later, this guy rides his bike back home is something that at least in my generation is perceived as, “Guys send me a postcard when this will be ready, OK?” In reality, the system exists and is doing it today.
“We have a lot of dreams, an unlimited amount of dreams. In almost everything you touch, there is a chance to do something different. Think about a stroke, think about the possibility that this technology will be able to liquefy a clot in the brain really fast in the first three to four hours and get reflow back again to the brain and save the brain. Another different idea is targeted drug delivery so we could generate significantly higher toxicities at the targeted volume while … sparing the whole body.”
So the President and Founder of InSightec sees a huge continual advance in non-invasive medicine in Israel helping millions of people globally.

Yes, by God’s grace Israel is a nation of miracles.

Muslims in Europe

The steady flow of Muslims into Europe from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan has become a flood. Some claim Germany has 6 million Muslims. What irony! Consequently Jews are fleeing Europe. Some Rabbis predict that in 5 years all Jews will have fled Europe. The Scriptures predict a large influx of Jews to Israel. Time will tell if that prophetic event has begun.

Yes, in our day Israel is a nation of miracles. But during its war of independence, its establishment as a nation, and its early development as a nation, Israel was a continual miracle among the nations. You don’t want to miss Israel’s early thrilling history of miracles.

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