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Table of Contents

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 Title, Dedication, Author's 1916 Foreword 

Study I                Earth's Night Of Sin To Terminate In A Morning Of Joy                                     9

Study II               The Existence Of A Supreme Intelligent Creator Established                              29

Study III              The Bible As A Divine Revelation Viewed In The Light Of Reason                    37

Study IV              The Epochs And Dispensations Marked In The Development Of Divine Plan   65

Study V                "The Mystery Hid..., But Now Made Manifest To His Saints" -- Col. 1:26        77

Study VI               Our Lord's Return -- Its Object, The Restitution Of All Things                        89

Study VII             The Permission Of Evil And Its Relation To God's Plan                                   117

Study VIII            The Day Of Judgment                                                                                     137

Study IX               Ransom And Restitution                                                                                  149

Study X                Spiritual And Human Natures Separate And Distinct                                       173

Study XI               The Three Ways -- The Broad Way, The Narrow Way, The Highway              205

Study XII              Explanation Of Chart Representing The Plan Of The Ages                             219

Study XIII            The Kingdoms Of This World                                                                         245

Study XIV            The Kingdom Of God                                                                                     273

Study XV             The Day Of Jehovah                                                                                        307

Study XVI            Concluding Thoughts                                                                                     343