Studies in the Scriptures

These Bible Study materials have proven to be great resources for many earnest truth seeking Christians. Bible study in the common language only started to become more common in the early 1800s. Christians have only had free access to the Bible in their common languages since this time, and in recent decades, the interest in Bible study has grown dramatically.


The Divine plan of the ages

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The Bible is its own best interpreter—so the best way to study the Bible is comparing scriptures, topic by topic.  Yes, pick a subject and then find all the texts that talk about that subject!  The Divine Plan of the Ages takes this approach and explains many hard-to-understand questions: 

How can a just and loving and all-wise God permit all the tragedies, wars, calamities we see all around us?  (See Study  7, “The Permission of Evil”) Will Christ return to burn up the earth since “the earth abideth forever” (Ecclesiastes 1:4)?   (See Study  6, “The Object of our Lord’s Return”) How can God judge everybody who ever lived in one 24-day of judgment?  See Study  8, “The Day of Judgment.”


The time is at hand - Volume 2 (370 pages)

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How do we know where we are in time in God’s Plan?  Just as the Scriptures pointed out by prophecy the first advent, so with the second advent.  The Time is at Hand lays out a complete Bible chronology and helps us understand critical prophetic times in which we are now living. Because Anti-Christ must come before the End, it also discusses the scriptural identification of Anti-Christ.  (See Study  9, “The Man of Sin”)


Thy Kingdom Come - Vol. 3 (384 pages)

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The Prophet  Daniel identifies many critical time factors explained in Thy Kingdom Come which contains several chapters on time prophecies.  (See Study  2, “The Time of the End,” Study  3, “Days of Waiting” and Study  4, “The Cleansing of the Sanctuary.”).  It also discusses the “a sign and a witness to the LORD of Hosts in the land of Egypt”(Isaiah 19:19) as the Great Pyramid of Gizeh with its scientific and confirmatory evidence of God’s Plan.


The Battle of Armageddon Vol. 4  (660 pages)

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Because there are many scriptures on the “gathering” principle at the end of our Age, The Battle of Armageddon discusses not only the religious confusion of the churches, but the governmental, social and economic factors playing out in our world today. On the critical signs of Jesus’ returning, it discusses in specific detail “Our Lord’s Great Prophecy” of Matthew 24 (See Study 12). But while observing the progress of the dissolving of this present order, it concludes grandly how scripturally (Isa. 60:13; 66:1) we may anticipate, “Jehovah’s Footstool Made Glorious” (See Study 14).


The Atonement Between God and Man - Vol. 5 (507 pages)

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God has provided Jesus as the “ransom for all” (1 Timothy 2:6). The Atonement Between God and Man discusses how this central theme of the Scriptures explains how and when all mankind will ultimately benefit by Jesus’ sacrifice.  This Volume also answers how the Father, Son and holy Spirit actually work in our atonement.  (See Study  2, “The Author of Atonement”; Study  5, “Like Unto His Brethren”; Study  8, “The Holy Spirit,”)


The New Creation - Vol. 6 (740 pages)

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God’s “New Creation” is a principal theme of the Bible—first in types or pictures, finally in reality. But the opening chapter reviews the natural creation showing the harmony of the Genesis account with the facts of nature (See Study  1, “In the Beginning”).  Other chapters deal extensively with church organization, baptism, practical scriptures on home and family duties—and a faithful life of godliness.  (See Study 3, “The Call of the New Creation”; Study  12, “Marital and other Privileges and Obligations”; Study 17, “Its Resurrection Inheritance.”)


Tabernacle Shadows of Better Sacrifices

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This concise examination of Israel's tabernacle sacrifices explains how they symbolically point to the work of Jesus and his followers. Explore the details that God devised to show us the sacrifical and priestly work of Christ.


Studies in the Scriptures - Complete Set (Clothbound)

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The Divine Plan of the Ages - Vol. 1 (386 pages)                  
The Time is at Hand - Vol. 2 (370 pages)
Thy Kingdom Come - Vol. 3 (384 pages)
The Battle of Armageddon - Vol. 4 (660 pages)
The Atonement Between God and Man - Vol. 5 (507 pages)
The New Creation - Vol. 6 (740 pages)